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Fairways Removals are based in Surrey and can begin your move from anywhere in the surrounding area. We can then take you to your new home or work location anywhere in the UK or abroad.

Moving House Tips

If you're moving house in the UK there are a few steps you should follow to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

If you're moving in the Guildford or Reading areas - or anywhere in Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire, please fill in our Inventory form to help us carry out an estimate for your move.

1. Removals Company Estimates: We recommend getting 2 or 3 quotations but no more than that. Be clear about what you need to be moved - don't forget the contents of your garage, garden or loft/attic! A professional removal expert who comes to do an estimate may well notice things you've missed anyway - you get so used to seeing that bench in the garden or that pot plant in the corner of the room you forget it needs to be considered!
Wherever possible, get estimates from members of BAR - the British Association of Removers - so as to be sure that the service you will receive is professional and of the highest quality. Keep in mind that quotes from BAR members and non-BAR members may vary and not be a fair comparison for the service you would receive.

2. Moving Date: Arrange your date as far in advance as possible. Try to avoid moving on a Friday and instead opt for a mid-week day. Fridays and weekends tend to be extremely busy and so you might even get a cheaper deal by going on another day, such as Tuesday. Also try to avoid weekends and Bank Holidays as this will of course, incur extra costs.

3. Energy and Water Suppliers: Make arrangements with your energy and water suppliers well in advance of your move. Ensure that you will have power and water at your new address and be clear on whatever meter readings etc. you need to take on your last day in your old home to pass to your previous supplier. Removal men and women are not allowed to work with mains supplies of gas, electricity or water.

4. Freezer Contents: In the run up to your move, try to eat as much of the food you have in your freezer as possible. Whilst a professional removal company will take every precaution to keep frozen food frozen, your mover is not ultimately responsible for any loss or deterioration.

5. Moving carpets and curtains: Unless you specifically asked for it and it was quoted for, your mover will not take down curtains or lift carpets at your old address. Neither will they re-hand curtains to lay carpets when you reach your new home. If you are moving curtains and carpets it is your responsibility - unless otherwise agreed - to have everything ready for removal when the movers arrive.

6. Flat pack furniture / "kits": If you bought a piece of furniture and assembled it yourself, then in theory, it can be dismantled for the move. However in practice, this kind of furniture does not always go back to together so well a second time. Therefore discuss with your mover when they come to do the estimate the best course of action for any pieces that fall into this category.

7. Packing: Overall, the best advice is to leave all of your packing to the professionals. Anything you pack yourself may not be covered by any insurance. Be sure to separate small, valuable items (such as jewellery) and carry them yourself. Such items are often excluded from liability in both your contract of removal and any insurance protection accompanying the contract. The Service Specification you sign with your mover will clearly state what the company will be doing on your behalf and what you agree to do yourself.

8. Items of special attention: If you are concerned about plants, fine art, wine collections or antiques, discuss them with your remover well in advance, ideally when someone comes to carry out your estimate. They will guide and advise you on the best course of action.

9. Insurance: For peace of mind, it is recommended that you take out insurance cover for the move. Every BAR member offers a careful, professional service but nevertheless, accidents can and do sometimes happen.

10. Your new home / the destination: A map showing your new address and a contact telephone number (a mobile if you'll be on the go) are always helpful. Work out where you want your possessions positioned in the new home - drawing a plan and using colour-coded labels on the boxes you pack from your old house is helpful. Make sure someone is at the collection and delivery address to oversee what is being moved (your contract will require this of you).

11. Parking: Ask your new neighbours to ensure adequate parking space for the removal vehicle(s). If there are restrictions at either house, warn your remover. Your quotation is based on the time needed to load and unload the vehicle and this can increase significantly if access or parking is restricted. Pre-agree/discuss all the costs and avoid unexpected supplements for difficult access found on arrival at your new home.

12. Notify your existing and new neighbours: It is often appreciated by those who live nearby if you pop a note through their letter box a few days before your move informing them if their access is going to be blocked by a removal van. Tell them what time you expect the vehicle to be there so they can arrange alternative parking if required.

13. Flats: If there is no lift, or if the lift is very small, warn your remover in advance - do not leave it until the van arrives. Avoid unexpected difficulties and delays which can lead to added costs.

14. Unloading: Whilst it's quite probable that your removal company will have seen the property you've moving from when they did the estimate, they will not have seen where you're moving to. Therefore warn them about any unexpected hazards such as poor access, small doorways, spiral staircases, or trees close by. Unexpected difficulties could lead to additional charges.

15. Spare Key: If possible, give your removal company a spare key for your new property when they're loading your furniture. That way if they arrive at the new address before you do they can begin and you will not incur extra costs due to waiting time.

16. Children and Pets: Try to have children and pets looked after by relatives or neighbours ~ you will have enough to do without worrying about what they're up to!

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